To our dearest customers, partners, and supporters,

International borders are now open, and it seems the worst of the pandemic has passed. Like everyone around the world, these past two years have tried and tested us. Our Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi stores were closed for 90 days, while our Hoi An stores remained shuttered for 150 days. To top it off, Vietnam closed its borders for 730 days, which resulted in an estimated loss of 36 million tourists during that time frame.

With the many challenges that came with COVID-19, we rolled with the tides and adapted our strategy. Unable to come to us, we fought to come to you. We moved our attention away from in-store interaction and dove deep into engagement online: 

• We developed our online store so you could continue to make Metiseko purchases. 
• We strengthened our social media presence to maintain lines of communication with you.
• We launched our bi-weekly newsletters to keep you informed of our latest news and offerings. . 
• We created our loyalty program, “My Rewards,” to show our appreciation for your continued support. 
• We partnered with eco-responsible marketplaces, such as Wolf & Badger, to distribute select items and strengthen our international presence. 

As the rise in domestic tourism grew at an astounding rate in the past two years, we also pivoted our focus to Vietnamese customers and increased revenues from sales in our home country. 

After two long years of the pandemic, our borders have finally reopened and, like a second spring, all the towns and small villages in Vietnam are coming back to life. The streets of Hoi An are humming once again, and the colorful lanterns cast a hopeful light that the tides have finally turned. 

We wanted to take a moment to thank you, our dear customers, for your unwavering support during this catastrophic health crisis. None of this could have been possible without you, and the strength of your commitment made all the difference. Despite the difficult changes that the pandemic brought, you have remained faithful to Metiseko, with many of our products traveling to the four corners of the world. 

Thank you to our silk and cotton suppliers, our bronze craftsmen, and our landlords, who provided us the empathy and flexibility we needed to control our expenses and weather the COVID-19 storm. 

And last but not least, Metiseko would not be where we are today without the amazing members of our team.

Thank you Audrey, our Creative Director.
Thank you Vi, our Chief Accountant, and the whole accounting team.
Thank you Nga, our Saigon Store Manager.
Thank you Quynh, our Production Manager.

Thank you Uyen, our Customer Service Manager.
Thank you Jose, our Digital Content Creator. 
Thank you Catherine, our Digital Marketing Manager.
Thank you Diana, our Copywriter.
Thank you Ghazal, our Embroidery and Fashion Designer
Thank you to all our team members.

And a special thank you to Dennis and Justin for always supporting us whenever needed.


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