We’ve come a long way since our inception in 2011. Metiseko started as a modest brand with one retail store and has since carved a niche in the eco-fashion world with a solid presence in Vietnam and abroad. Let’s took a look at our past and present, as well as what we have in mind for the future.


Metiseko launched with the belief that luxury, design, sustainability, and ethics go hand in hand. Our aim was to offer a unique alternative to what’s currently available in the fashion marketplace in Vietnam and beyond. 

Metiseko Luxury & Design

From the very beginning, our design combined European style with Vietnamese-inspired prints. We committed to utilizing high-quality mulberry silk and organic cotton fabrics, and we emphasized quality production over fast manufacturing. Each and every Metiseko garment was lovingly created by one seamstress, from tracing the pattern onto fabric to sewing the pieces together and pencilling their name on the label. 

Metiseko Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability and ethics are ingrained into our business DNA. At every step, we made a conscious effort to limit our negative effects on the planet and our fellow people. That included intelligently sourcing our fabrics, opting for non-toxic dyes, partnering with ethical printers, providing fair wages, health insurance, a social union, and free language lessons to our employees, establishing a clean, well-lit, and air-conditioned workshop, and limiting working hours to no more than 44 hours per week. 


Metiseko stores are stocked with premium products, made with high-quality materials from expert craftsmanship. We create unique Vietnamese-inspired prints with French savoir faire, celebrating local culture in a modern way. Our brand mindfully creates goods with renewable resources, non-toxic materials, and properly paid employment. We are dedicated to crafting luxury products that outlast seasons and trends, while having minimal impact on the planet and benefitting all our partners at every step of our supply chain. Metiseko is especially popular with Vietnamese, French, American, Australian, and German tourists. 

Up until the present, we’ve created eleven collections with a new one launching this year. Metiseko has opened 13 stores since 2011 and worked with:

Throughout our growth, we’ve stayed true to our commitment to local craft, deliberately partnering with the silk masters of Bao Loc and the bronze artists of Phuoc Kieu to support Vietnamese craftsmanship and to keep decades-old traditions from becoming extinct.

We’ve been featured on Vietnam’s Next Top Model and shown our collections at Eurosphere, The Nam Hai Resort, Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, Intercontinental Hanoi, VIFW 2019, VIFW 2020, and VIFW 2021. 


We’ve laid our foundation and we’ve grown magnificently, but we’re not quite done yet. To handle our forecasted increase in sales, both in-store and online, we will build a new eco-workshop in Hoi An which will house our production, creative, and administrative departments. The site will also feature a factory store along with tours where you can meet our designers and seamstresses and learn about our behind-the-scenes process. 

Erwan, our founder and CEO, aims to become the first luxury brand from Vietnam. To do that, we must strengthen our international influence, continue to develop our digital presence, and grow our network of retail stores. Follow us as we turn our eco-fashion dreams into reality.


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