Metiseko’s newest collection, VERTICALE HANOI, boasts sophisticated, retro-Asian looks that combine chic and iconic cuts in luxurious silk for dramatic fall, airy flowingness and magnificent luster. The contemporary styles highlight the modern female: an ultra-feminine, naturally seductive woman whose curves recall the harmonious undulations of the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.


Our creative director, Audrey Charles, drew from the captivating magic of Vietnam’s capital city to create the unique prints of VERTICALE HANOI. From the flamboyant trees surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake and the floating Turtle Tower at its center to the shining pavilion at the Temple of Literature, the iconic Long Bien Bridge, and the bustling Quang Ba flower market. All are represented in the collection’s one-of-a-kind textile patterns.Look closely and you’ll also find “chim lac,” a mythical crane-like bird that symbolizes ancient Vietnamese art and culture, and the longevity character which is an emblem of prosperity.


While the styles and prints reflect Hanoi, the collection’s colors take you on a journey across the distinctly-defined seasons. Spring is mild with muted pink and pastel jade, while summer is intense with vivid fuschia and bold turquoise. Fall is ablaze with bright orange and dark blue, and winter is hazy with varying shades of gray and black.


VERTICALE HANOI showcases Metiseko’s luxurious, locally-produced and hand-printed mulberry silk in a variety of materials, like satin, twill and crepe. The fabrics play a leading role in the collection with their lightness, airiness and flexibility, sometimes adorned with embellishments to bring new interpretation and textures to the print design while capturing sparkling reflections of light.

With this new collection, Metiseko integrated traditional Vietnamese lacquer silk, Lãnh Mỹ A, for the very first time. “The queen of all varieties of silk” was, up until the turn of the last century, a rare fabric only reserved for ladies of wealthy and noble families. It is the pride of Tan Chau silk village, handed down from one generation to the next, made from the finest silk threads from Bao Loc and dyed black using the sap of the Diospyros mollis fruit. The labor-intensive process results in sumptuous soft silk of ultimate quality, boasting matte and brilliant surfaces that get shinier and glossier with time.


The entire VERTICALE HANOI collection was created with love and care in Metiseko’s workshop in Hoi An. As the brand’s core value, Metiseko is absolutely committed to preserving the country’s heritage, utilizing carefully-selected natural materials and incorporating the use of experienced Vietnamese artisans and their unique craftsmanship in our collections’ designs since our inception.


A national costume and symbol of Japanese culture, THE MODERN KIMONO is comfortable, versatile and adds feminity, making it an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Wear it alone and belted, or, layer it on top to complete your daytime look.

Business in the front, sexy in the back. THE BACKLESS DRESS is perfect for occasions where you want to make an eye-catching statement.

Crop tops offer a playful balance of proportions, especially when matched with high-waisted pants or baggy trousers. Turn heads with THE LONG-SLEEVE CROP TOP and its unique Mao collar. 

Resolutely feminine, the legendary wrap dress has stayed on-trend for four long decades. THE WRAP DRESS REVISITED offers a similar silhouette, but with stylish, colorblock panels.

An essential to men’s wardrobes, we made THE CARGO-STYLE PANTS feminine with rounded hips and fitted ankles.