Located on the central coast of Vietnam, Hoi An takes pause from the country’s bold march towards development and winds the clock back to simpler, ancient times. Traditional, brightly-colored shop houses line the quaint, cobblestone lanes. Lit incense from age-old temples permeates the sun-soaked air. And wooden sampan boats make their way down the mighty Thu Bon River. The 400-year-old UNESCO heritage site offers a carefree experience of what life was like at a bustling trading port in the 16th century, now one of the country’s most popular destinations. 

It is here, at the one-time trading port, that Metiseko’s founder and CEO decided to establish the roots of his brand. As a UNESCO-protected site, the Old Town still houses centuries-old buildings that are a quaint mix of French colonialism and Vietnamese heritage, keeping in line with the “metis” aspect of the fashion company.

Hoi An also offers a quieter pace of life, where pedestrians meander aimlessly and stop to window shop as they please. In contrast, the busy streets of Saigon and Hanoi don’t particularly lend themselves to good shopping experiences. 


Founded in 2011, Metiseko has since grown to occupy four spaces in Hoi An: one flagship store, two other retail shops, and one, brand-new workshop. All retail stores stay true to the building’s heritage, utilizing the natural interior in a tasteful, “Metiseko” way, and each nook and cranny has a purpose. Such as the refreshments lounge, which once was a garden area commonly found in traditional homes of Hoi An.

Inaugurated less than four months ago, the new workshop is Metiseko’s latest venture in Hoi An. The magnificent structure brings together production and all support services - design, marketing, accounting, etc. - under one roof, optimizing interactions between all manufacturing, creative, and administrative departments.

In the future, the brand hopes to build an eco-workshop, complete with facility tours where you can get up close and personal with designers and seamstresses and learn about the behind-the-scene processes.

Hoi An is where Metiseko’s roots took hold, where their branches reached up and out, and where their fruits ripened for the picking. Hoi An is where it all began, and Hoi An is where Metiseko will stay.


Erwan Perzo

I like to cycle around Cam Kim, the iron bridge, the nature, the fact that it's really calm, quite, slow. It's a bit like going back in time to a more rustic, serene and local lifestyle.

In the area there is a place called TRIEM TAY GARDEN, made from wooden huts and houses, built around trees with magnificent views of the river.

Audrey Charles

A calm place to grab a coffee overlooking Tan Thanh Beach, SOUND OF SILENCE really delivers on the promise contained in its name. A quite, relaxing place, with chilled vibes, perfect to either start the day, or to take a break and find new inspiration.

Catherine Malonda

A brand new location, with 360 views of the rice fields, TOK Restaurant, in Cam Thanh, has quickly become one of my favorite places in town: it’s got the views, it’s got the food, and it’s got the vibes.

José Manuel Barrera Alba

Nothing is as magical as a nice stroll around the Old Quarter. The shops, the street food, the market, THE LANTERNS!!! It made a lasting impression from the very first time I ‘magically’ found myself in the midst of it all. Sometimes, though, you also need places to get away from the crowd. Two favorite spots of mine in town are PHIN COFFEE (tucked down an alley almost just behind metiseko’s flagship store), and the other one is at the far end of An Hoi island, where you can find local eateries, right in the middle of the action, but away from the busy streets, next to HOI AN LUNE CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS.


Mulberry Silk