We spend months creating a concept, designing the prints and styles, and putting it all together into one cohesive collection. But wait, we’re not quite done with our work yet. All that’s left is the photoshoot to showcase our new, beautifully-crafted apparel across a variety of channels: lookbooks, press books, e-commerce, email marketing, social networks, and more. 

Come with us behind-the-scenes as we go through, step by step, how to plan the perfect fashion photoshoot.

The Mood 

The first thing we think about is the atmosphere we want to portray and the emotions we want to evoke. The mood sets the foundation for the photos to tell the story and the inspiration behind the collection. To accomplish this, we consider all the elements - from the location to models and the photographer - so it all comes together to create a consistent mood, whether it be authentic and traditional, classy and romantic, mysterious and magical, or wherever the collection takes us.

The Place

Each one of our collections is inspired by a particular destination in Vietnam. So naturally, the location should reflect this. After some time scouting, we select specific and meaningful places that align with the collection’s print inspiration, color schemes, and mood.

Past photoshoots have taken us all over Vietnam, from traditional touristic landscapes to epic rural scenery. We’ve shot in Hue, Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, the Mekong Delta, and Hoi An. For the new silk collection, we’ll be venturing to a new location: Hanoi. Stay tuned, it’s coming soon.

The Models

The models we choose for our photoshoots are often sought-after faces, independent models, and opinion leaders who share our fashion vision and ethics. Because our designs are inspired by Vietnam, we work mostly with Vietnamese models to best illustrate the collection’s story. Depending on the mood we want to portray, we might select someone who has a strong face with an ethnic touch or we might go with someone more feminine, more manly, or androgynous.

The Photographers

For more than 10 years, we have worked mainly with French fashion photographer Boris Zuliani, who is based in Vietnam. Like our models, he holds similar fashion values and ethics, and he has a deep-rooted passion for fashion photography.

In the past, we have also collaborated with a number of Vietnamese independent photographers, like Studio Raw Language and Hau Le from CUA Studio.


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