If you’ve visited our store in Saigon, you most likely have met My. Having worked with us for nearly half a decade, the Sales Supervisor greets customers with a beaming smile and bestows personalized advice that varies from one customer to the next.. In this ITW, My shares her thoughts about the brand, the importance of sustainability, her favorite Metiseko item, and much more.  - Can you introduce yourself? 

Hello, my name is My, and I am 33 years old. I’ve been with Metiseko for almost 5 years, and I am currently the Sales Supervisor.


- What's your story with Metiseko? 

A friend suggested that I apply for the open sales advisor position at Metiseko. I didn’t know much about the company at the time and did some research on the brand before going to the interview. To be honest, I was impressed by how Metiseko operates. How they care about the environment and how they incorporate sustainability in their business. I decided to take the job because I wanted to take part in their journey as well.

- How would you define Metiseko? What does the brand represent to you?

Metiseko is a combination of all the best things about fashion: simple yet sophisticated, comfortable and elegant, luxurious and sustainable.


- How important is sustainability to you in the world of fashion?

Most consumers buy from fast fashion brands because they offer low prices and “on trend” styles and colors. Unfortunately, however, they often compromise the environment. Because of this, I am impressed that Metiseko chooses to prioritize environmental protections over profits, and yet still ensures their products’ high level of quality.

- What do you like the most about your job?

I love being in an energetic, comfortable and friendly working environment, and I get to enjoy all of these elements at Metiseko. Plus, this job gives me the opportunity to be in contact with different types of customers from all over the world, so I can learn a lot of new things everyday.


- Can you describe a typical day at work?

Everyday, I make sure that the store is neat and clean and that everything is properly arranged and on track.

Besides that, as a sales supervisor, I support other sales advisors and train the new ones. I also support and carry out the requests of my superiors. My most important task is taking care of the customers. I make them feel comfortable and offer my professional recommendations, so they can be more confident when selecting products at the store.

- What is your personal style in fashion?

My personal style is simple and adapts to the scenario.


- What is your favorite style in the new collection?

My favorite style in the new collection is the Marble dress because of its simple yet graceful cut.

This Maxi dress will delight all customers - to try it is to adopt it.


- What's your (fashion) mantra?

Fashion expresses personality.