Lanh My A, or “lacquer silk” in English, bears majestic qualities once coveted by high-ranking Vietnamese mandarins as well as Chinese emperors. The premium fabric boasts a deep black color, a shiny, soft surface that becomes even more reflective with time, and the ability to keep its wearers warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Lacquer silk was first created during the mid-20th century in Tan Chau, located in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The small village of less than 200,000 residents boasts fertile river banks that provide ideal conditions for growing Diospyros mollis trees, a critical component of the dyeing process. 


Authentic lacquer silk fabric is woven from high-grade silk fibers. The cloth dyed in Tan Chau is produced in Bao Loc, a Vietnamese village that raises quality silkworms from Fuju Mountain, Japan. Only good fibers - soft, long, and transparent - from the best silkworms are chosen. From there, weavers take the utmost care to pass the silk through their looms without making any errors to ensure the perfect twill weave. The relatively heavier silk twill is ideal for Lanh My A because the dense fabric produces a distinct leather-like texture after its been treated with the special dye. 


The fruit of the Diospyros mollis is the natural ingredient that gives lacquer silk its durable, shiny and jet black qualities. Tan Chau villagers harvest fresh Diospyros mollis fruits, then press and filter them to produce a milky white sap that miraculously turns black on silk.



Tan Chau artisans employ a laborious multi-step process to achieve lacquer silk’s magnificent qualities. The luxurious silk twill from Bao Loc is dipped into vats of Diospyros mollis fruit sap, then washed in the Mekong River to remove excess dye and beaten with a giant hammerhead to deeply adhere the sap into the silk’s core and produce the fabric’s signature shine. The artisans repeat these steps again and again for 45 days before the fabric is deemed fit for a queen.



The love affair between Metiseko and lacquer silk was written in the stars. Our focus on showcasing and preserving Vietnamese heritage pairs exceptionally well with the traditional, unique and demanding process of making Lanh My A.

To emphasize the lavish cloth’s gorgeous, distinctive features, we designed refined styles with simple cuts that highlight the fabric’s elegant shaping and enhance its unique mirror-like shine.Our women’s lacquer silk styles range from newly-designed oversized blazers to opulent evening dresses and loose pants, as well as best-selling tops from previous collections. For Metiseko’s lacquer silk menswear, choose from the more formal suit jacket and waistcoat to more casual pieces like our signature bomber jacket and the new pajama-style shirt.


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