Embroidery is the ancient art of decorating fabric by means of needle and thread. The oldest embellished pieces discovered are from Egypt, dating back to well before the 6th century, BC. It is believed to have developed in the Near East - Persia,  Palestine, Phoenicia, and Syria - before spreading West during Antiquity and the Renaissance. 

It wasn’t until the 12th century that we see the term “embroidery” used for the decorative patterns adorning religious outfits. Back then, the craft extended to include the use of thread and other materials, such as sequins, pearls and stones. 

Embroidery has since imparted a deluge of information on social history. From the trousseaux of brides-to-be to the magnificent wall hangings in a royal’s home, the purpose and meaning of the embellishments differed from occasion to occasion and varied from culture to culture. 

As time passed and trade routes expanded, embroidery techniques developed in tune with the wide exchange of ideas and patterns. 


Embroidery made its way to Vietnam in the 16th century, during the Lê Dynasty. On a mission to China, the Mandarin Lê Công Hành discovered the secrets of embroidery and passed on the techniques to Vietnamese artisans. 

At first, Vietnamese embroidery was very influenced by Chinese cultural references and made solely for the royal court. Towards the end of the 19th century, however, a new era of embroidery emerged with new fabrics and new technical applications, thanks to French and Japanese influences. No longer reserved for the royal court, embroidery entered the homes of wealthy families in the form of household linens, curtains, cushions, and clothing. 

The country then experienced 30 long years of war, threatening to extinguish the embroidery flame. But it never went completely out. In the last 20 years, with the ever-increasing demands from abroad, traditional embroidery in Vietnam has once again taken off.


At Metiseko, we help keep the ancestral embroidery arts alive and relevant in Vietnam with our exclusive embroidery line. Like everything we do, Metiseko hand-embroidered garments are made with the utmost consideration to style and quality. We carefully select the embellishments and design intricate embroidery patterns to breathe life into our prints. 

And like our seamstresses, each adorned garment is made special by just one Maker. 

As most of our garments do not come with lining, our embroidery technique pays particular attention to the back of the fabric, for a clean and neat appearance. This is achieved by starting the embroidery directly on the right side and mapping our patterns to limit thread use and visibility on the reverse side.

The resulting meticulous design and craftsmanship artfully reflect nearby light, bringing a beautiful layer of texture and volume to the print and making the gorgeous colors pop. 

Metiseko offers ready-to-wear embroidered garments, as well as customized pieces. For a look that’s truly unique, opt for the latter. We’ll embellish your choice of 25 prints, then sew the garment to your liking. Your haute-couture piece will be the only one of its kind, a dazzling garment that’s all you.  

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