Unlock the symbolism and significance of this lunar new year.

According to legend, the dragon emerges as a majestic creature, a luminous figure among the 12 animals in the lunar horoscope. Beyond its mythical aura, the serpentine holds a tangible presence in the fabric of social life, standing as a symbol of honor, power, and intelligence. As the upcoming lunar cycle unfolds, the auspicious Year of the Dragon promises a cascade of good fortune, a belief deeply rooted in tradition.

In Vietnam, the dragon occupies a special place, intertwining with notions of absolute power and monarchy. Objects belonging to the sovereign are adorned with the word "dragon," echoing the royal "dragon bed," the majestic "cloak-dragon," and the regal "dragon-chariot." Alongside the unicorn, turtle, and phoenix, the dragon stands at the helm of the four sacred animals, deeply embedded in the collective memory as a symbol of the nation's prosperity.Echoing through folklore, the dragon is not merely a distant symbol; it waltzes in traditional dances, competes in revered canoe races, and plays a central role in popular games. Temples, pagodas, and palaces pay homage to the dragon, where its majestic form reigns supreme, head held high, mane billowing, and a pearl nestled in its mouth. In folklore, its body undulates in twelve meanders, reflecting the months of the year, a captivating embodiment of time itself.

From the legendary Lac Long Quan to the rituals venerating the four genies of clouds, rain, thunder, and lightning, the dragon has woven itself into the very fabric of Vietnamese heritage. A symbol of prosperity, as well as national and feudal power, the dragon is not just a myth but a force that resonates through time.

With its majestic presence, the dragon promises a year adorned with happiness and success. Let us dance with these magical creatures and embrace the unfolding chapters of prosperity that the Year of the Dragon brings.


In the embrace of this new lunar era, fashion houses like Prada, Burberry, and Miu Miu have choreographed collections that echo the whispers of the Year of the Dragon. Among them, Metiseko takes center stage with the enchanting DRAGON QUÊ—a limited-edition, capsule collection that invites you into a realm where tradition and contemporary elegance perform a mesmerizing dance.

DRAGON QUÊ is a masterful choreography that skillfully pays homage to Tết and the mythical Year of the Dragon. Inspired by the generational artistry of Đông Hồ paintings, this silk collection beckons you to embark on a poetic journey back to your roots. It is a celebration of the lunar year's emblematic creature, draped in grace and sophistication.Each piece in the DRAGON QUÊ Tết capsule collection unfolds as a canvas of intricate storytelling, echoing the ageless craftsmanship of Đông Hồ art. Vibrant paintings, crafted with wood blocks, depict the rustic life and traditional culture of the Vietnamese people. Families once adorned their walls with these paintings in joyous celebration of Tết. DRAGON QUÊ captures this essence, mimicking Đông Hồ masterpieces with innovative strokes that seamlessly blend the old with the new.

An ode to the dragon, the collection’s patterns embody the very soul of Vietnam. The celestial serpentine, a fearsome protector of the throne, becomes the symbol of the royal family and the nation’s power. As descendants of this mythical creature, we embrace the dragon’s spirit—luck, courage, nobility, and wisdom—all woven into the fabric of our being.DRAGON QUÊ unveils a rich tapestry of colors, where dynasty and cobalt blues cascade like waves, gold glistens in the sun's embrace, raspberry red whispers tales of tradition, and sunrise and apricot orange hues evoke the warmth of home. Each color is a stroke on the canvas, narrating a story that echoes through the corridors of time.

With three enchanting new prints, one solid color, and fifteen elegant styles, DRAGON QUÊ epitomizes the fusion of heritage and modernity. This Tết capsule collection is a testament to the intricate threads that connect us to our roots—where the ancient dance of dragons gracefully meets the contemporary heartbeat of home. In DRAGON QUÊ, each piece is not just an ensemble; it is a captivating chapter in the ongoing tale of tradition, elegance, and the celestial dance that unites us all.


In the celestial ballet of the lunar calendar, 2024 unveils the Wooden Dragon, a mystical entity beckoning us to embrace reflection and serenity in the face of life's tumultuous dance. Unlike its spirited counterparts, the Water and Metal Dragons, known for their restlessness and unyielding ambition, the Wooden Dragon invites us to a tranquil journey, a harmonious venture into the essence of calm. And contrary to the raging extravagance of the Fire Dragon, the Wooden Dragon exudes a composed elegance, urging us to navigate life's currents with grace and understanding.As the Wooden Dragon takes center stage, it whispers to us, encouraging a moment of reflection amid the chaos. In a world that often demands ambition and relentless pursuit, the Wooden Dragon reminds us of the beauty in calmness, and the strength in serenity. Its energy is not one of anxious striving but of quiet strength, a force that lies beneath the surface, nurturing a sense of empathy that transcends the ordinary.


If the echoes of time herald your arrival in the years 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, or even 2012, then rejoice, for you are graced by the presence of the celestial Dragon. As 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon approaches, a new generation of little dragons is poised to make their entrance into the realm of existence.Bearing the imprint of the Dragon, a symbol that transcends generations, those born in the auspicious years of this majestic creature are destined to embody the essence of regality and resilience. Their intelligence shines like a celestial beacon, their stubbornness carves paths where others falter, and their immense courage stands as a testament to the undying flame within. The Dragon's spirit manifests in tenacity, an unwavering grip on convictions, and a fearless dance with risks to breathe life into their ambitions. For Dragons, routine and laziness find no place in their cosmic script; their taste for effort is not a choice but a defining characteristic, an intrinsic part of their celestial dance.


In 2024, four fortunate lunar zodiac signs are graced by the luminous touch of the Dragon. As the stars align in harmony, those born under the auspices of the Rat, Rooster, Monkey, and the illustrious Dragon itself are destined to become cosmic darlings, with the very heavens blessing their endeavors.

It is foretold that in 2024, the Rat will prosper financially, the Rooster will bask in recognition and acclaim, the Monkey will find retribution, and the Dragon will realize their dreams. As they dance through the year, the universe itself applauds their cosmic journey, a voyage illuminated by the radiant glow of the Year of the Dragon.


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