The Brand


Since arriving in Vietnam, Metiseko’s French founders have been driven by a desire to create upscale and cosmopolitan quality clothing, accessories and homeware with a strong “Made in Vietnam” identity.

Metiseko’s Creative Team takes inspiration from Vietnamese traditions and landscapes to create original fabrics and designs that capture the essence of this fascinating country while remaining stylish and contemporary

The unique and creative collections are produced locally from quality Vietnamese silk and organic cotton, following socially and environmentally responsible principles.

Experience the world of Metiseko and take home a long-lasting memory of Vietnam.

Unique Designs & Inspired Collections

The unique and creative collections of clothing, homeware and accessories are
designed and manufactured in Metiseko’s own atelier in Hoi An.

 Creative Director, Florence Mussou, draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including paintings, landscapes, architecture, plants and ceramics.

 The resulting fabric designs capture this creative inspiration through pattern and colour and are hand screen printed onto luxurious natural silk and organic cotton ready for product manufacture. At every step, consideration is given to how to develop stylish prints and patterns that tell a story about Vietnam, yet are fashionable and accessible.

From bright to subtle, from energetic to dreamy, customers can immerse themselves in a world of prints and colours that are uniquely Metiseko.

 Each natural silk and organic cotton collection comprises an illustrative print, its coordinated pattern and a matching solid colour to provide harmony and a cohesive identity. For example, the Jungle Chic theme has a Black Forest illustrative print, Bamboo Chic as the coordinated print and Black and Granite solid colours.

 The other silk collections in 2015 incorporated jade lily pads floating slowly along a river and blue lanterns, capturing the colourful lanterns that light up the old town at night. The new cotton range sees further exploration of the jungle and forest themes alongside prints of behatted ladies on bicycles.

feuille3Responsible Sourcing of Quality Materials

Sourcing plays an essential role in the brand’s philosophy, to meet both its ecological and quality values.

 Metiseko’s natural Twill, Shantung and Habutai silk is sourced in Vietnam while the newly launched organic cotton range originates from the south of India and is carefully imported to safeguard its integrity.

 All the cotton is high thread count, which guarantees quality, and meets the Textile Exchange’s Organic Content Standards (OCS), a set of standards which helps to assure environmental best practices among clothing companies.

 This certification, along with local sourcing and production, enables Metiseko to transparently trace each step of the supply chain, from the cultivation of organic cotton and sourcing of natural raw materials for the silk to weaving, printing, dyeing and manufacturing the finished product.

 Metiseko is also concerned with health and social responsibility. To that end, the organic cotton dyeing and printing processes are AZO (acid) free, which means it is not harmful to skin. The company also guarantees good working conditions, fair pay and training for all employees and provides medical insurances and free English or French lessons