“Hanoi, Where to Shop ?

The narrow streets in Hanoi’s old quarters were traditionnaly one-product destinations: Hang Bac for silverware, Hang Dao for shoes, Hang Gai for clothibng and tailors. This has changed with development and modernisation, and a lot of what you’ll find will be ersatz touristy kitsch. That being said, they are still a few locations that sell locally designed and made wares that are worth a look.

71 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem

Metiskeo was founded by three friends who love textiles and love to travel. They’ve produced a collection of clothing and homewares inspired by the Vietnamese lifestyle, manifesting in stylized motifs in a range of appealing colours. The collection is produced using certified organic cottons and silks. And if your suitcase is getting close to your weight limit, they will ship overseas…”


Published in Design Anthology, Publication June 2015, page 80