ELLE.VN – June 2018 (Vietnamese)


ELLE Việt Nam đã có cuộc phỏng vấn với những người tạo nên Metiseko, thương hiệu thời trang theo lối bền vững với những yếu tố văn hóa bản sắc Việt Nam. Erwan Perzo  – doanh nhân người Pháp, năm nay 30 tuổi – là người sáng lập lên thương hiệu Metiseko cùng với người…

Vietcetera – September 2018


Designer Linda May Phuong about Metiseko: “I really like that they respect Vietnamese culture in every collection by sourcing their silk locally and by taking inspiration from Vietnam. They respect every single person in their production chain—for example, they have always worked with the same printer because they really want to support his business. They…

Travel Black Book – Singapore


The Travel Black Book is a travel guide published on The Straits Times Singapore: Clothing brand Metiseko (meti seko.com) has a shop near the Opera House, right downstairs from L’Usine cafe. It stocks a collection of high-quality, 100 per cent silk and organic cotton fashion and lifestyle products – all made using socially and environmentally responsible…

Hoian Now

Metiseko, big, beautiful and glamorous, is Hoi An’s answer to high-class chic. Selling clothing for men and women, accessories and homeware, it combines Vietnamese ideas with Parisian elegance. Inside, the visual artistry of the décor is enough to bring design lovers to their knees. I enjoy coming here simply to ogle. But it’s all about…

Forbes Vietnam – August 2018


Đã hơn bảy năm kể từ khi Erwan Perzo phát triển dự án kinh doanh ở Việt Nam vốn là bài thi tốt nghiệp của anh tại trường đại học Kinh doanh và Phát triển 3A ở Lyon (Pháp). Đề bài đặt ra cho sinh viên là hình thành dự án phát triển bền vững…

HERITAGE FASHION – The Traveler – March/April 2016


The Traveler Journeys never cease to inspire. The latest Spring collection by Metiseko, “The Traveler”, captures the spirit of exploration and discovery. On materials of twill, poplin and voile, the collection features patterns drawing on tropical floral and delicate improvisations on enamel ceramics from Hue Citadel. Emerald, pale green and cobalt blue – some favorite…



  “Hanoi, Where to Shop ? The narrow streets in Hanoi’s old quarters were traditionnaly one-product destinations: Hang Bac for silverware, Hang Dao for shoes, Hang Gai for clothibng and tailors. This has changed with development and modernisation, and a lot of what you’ll find will be ersatz touristy kitsch. That being said, they are…

SAIGONEER – Fashion and Design – Metiseko: How One Local Designer Created An Eco-Friendly Brand


How  a Local Designer Created An Eco-Friendly Brand ? When it comes to fashion, sustainability is not always a high priority in Vietnam. These days, Vietnam is beginning to see more campaigns which aim to raise public awareness around environmental issues in all industries. However, what is most remarkable is the role that Vietnam’s apparel industry…



Metiseko, While Vietnamese are proud of their beautiful silk and soft cotton, Hoi An is proud of their Metiseko – a ready-to-wear fashion brand born in this small town that promotes the local natural and raw materials: the natural silk and organic cotton. At Metiseko, the production of their fabrics is certified by the Organic…



By Merry Dang Photos courtesy of Metiseko   “Silk not only plays a huge role in Vietnamese society, but it has also been integrated as a staple in Vietnamese culture.” This luxurious fabric was once used as a type of currency in trade and lent itself as a medium to showcase Vietnamese beauty through art….

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