Heritage Fashion | Vietnam Airlines Inflight magazine July – August 2014

HF Jul-Aug 2014 3

“Hoi An, city of Light.

Formerly prosperous city for the silk trade, Hoi An is a small haven which preserves its buildings architectural influences from Japan, China and France creating a unique Vietnamese Heritage. Authenticity, tradition and nature are the watchwords of this place that transmits calmness and serenity to wandering travelers.

This magical atmosphere houses the birthplace of Metiseko and is a great source of inspiration for the brand’s designer, Florence Mussou.

This fashion shooting is an invitation to travel in a different time far from our western society. It’s in the heart of the city that Florence features its new summer collection made exclusively of the finest silk in Vietnam.

On the Crepe and Habutai silk, we find the brand’s signature with Lotus leaves patterns and discover some new inspirations such as Indigo rice or Watermelon seed prints.

The clothing line introduces a sense of grace and elegance mixing traditional Asian inspiration and western textile design savoir-faire. The cut are made to enhance the prints and the colors, both simple and poetic.

The very special light of Hoi An brings us into a unique summer fashion journey while following the stream of the Thu bon river, hiding in the very typical narrow  & yellow streets of the old city and stopping by a lantern shops. So full of colors and lights!

Hoi An is definitely the City of light, the city where inspiration comes through.”