Heritage Fashion – Feb/Mar 2015




Metiseko introduces its new collection “Silk, Lụa, Soie” in 100% Shantung, Twill & Habutai silk fabrics with a subtle range of colors and prints infused with Vietnamese culture. Photographed at the peaceful and secluded Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh, this collection dives into the silence for a fashion introspection.



Metiseko has exclusively employed silk fabrics with different weaving techniques, thicknesses and feel, creating an elegant interplay of light and materials. Cuts are simple, precise and delicate. Undulating silk dresses and blouses evoke poetry and freedom while jackets and tailored pants create refined and elegant silhouettes.

New prints reference Vietnamese daily life, with symbols such as dragonflies, bamboo and tropical flora. With a range of silver and light yellow on grey, the color palette celebrates an exploration through Vietnamese landscapes. This season, the scarf is a key element of the collection, delivering a sense of flair and creativity. Turned into a headband, turban or infinity scarf, it is an elegant final touch of to any outfit.



Photographer: Nguyen Vu – Model: Huyen My – Designer: Florence

Boutique: Metiseko, 71 Hang Gai; 142 Tran Phu & 86 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An.

Makeup & Hair: Kenny Thai – Location: Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh

Article written in February 2015