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Heritage Fashion | Vietnam Airlines Inflight magazine July – August 2014

HF Jul-Aug 2014 3
"Hoi An, city of Light. Formerly prosperous city for the silk trade, Hoi An is a small haven which preserves its buildings architectural influences from Japan, China and France creating a unique Vietnamese Heritage. Authenticity, tradition and nature are the watchwords of this place that transmits calmness and serenity to wandering travelers. This magical atmosphere...

Lam Dep Fashion – VTV – Video July 2014

Lam Dep Fashion – VTV - Video

Wandering around the streets of old Hoi An, Metiseko tells stories of Vietnam in its exquisite Fashion collection 2014. Metiseko is an Eco Chic Lifestyle brand operating in Vietnam. Inspired by day-today Asian scenery, Metiseko creates unique prints and style for the Home and Wardrobe while working on high-end fabric constructions. The brand controls all…